Double your bookings with half the hassle

A booking tool designed for your WhatsApp Business, effortlessly managing appointments without adding complexity to your workflow

WhatsApp Workflow Animations

Effortless Booking

Designed and crafted to make it easy for both your business and your customers to book


Chat to Book, Magically Easy ✨

Customers tap your HaffiCal link and schedule in a snap, right in WhatsApp


Calendars Sync, You Relax

Appointments flow seamlessly into your calendar. No manual work, no missed dates.


Get Updated, Zero Worries

Get instant confirmations and reminders, keeping you and your clients on track..

Focus on your passion, leave the scheduling to HaffiCal

Schedule appointments & send reminders 24/7
Verify payments instantly with screenshots
Manage bookings & customers all in one place
Interactive WhatsApp Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HaffiCal?

HaffiCal is a tool designed to streamline the booking process for businesses using WhatsApp for Business. It simplifies appointment scheduling, making it easier for businesses to manage bookings and communicate with customers.

Can I use my existing WhatsApp number

Yes, HaffiCal integrates seamlessly into your existing WhatsApp business.

How does HaffiCal work?

When a customer messages your WhatsApp Business number, HaffiCal takes over, offering a simplified booking process.

How will I know when a customer books with me?

HaffiCal automatically adds bookings to your calendar, sending both you and the customer confirmations and reminders.

Does HaffiCal support online payments for bookings?

While HaffiCal doesn't directly process online payments yet, it simplifies offline payment verification for your customers. They can upload a screenshot of their bank transfer confirmation, and HaffiCal's smart technology will check its validity, ensuring seamless booking confirmations for both you and your customers.

What makes HaffiCal unique?

WhatsApp business solutions from other services require you to change your WhatsApp number. HaffiCal just an additional tool that you can use on WhatsApp. This allows us to focus on a very specific and niche problem that can make a big difference in your business.

Does HaffiCal access my personal WhatsApp information or chats?

No, HaffiCal does not access any of your personal WhatsApp information or chats. We operate by providing a secure link that businesses can expose for their customers to book appointments. Your privacy and the confidentiality of your messages are of utmost importance to us. HaffiCal focuses solely on streamlining the appointment booking process, ensuring a seamless experience without compromising your personal data.

How do you connect to my WhatsApp number?

HaffiCal doesn't connect directly to your WhatsApp number. We provide a secure link for customer bookings without accessing your personal number.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can. Send an email to requesting a refund with the email you made the purchase with. Once refunded you will no longer have early access to HaffiCal